Do You Know How to
Build Bots in ManyChat, but
Don't Know How to Consistently Build an In-Demand ChatBot Agency?
You Are Hearing All Over The Place
About Bot Builders Getting Clients and Creating Agency Success, 
...But You Are Not Clear on Exactly How To Get Regular Retainer Clients & Build a Profitable Agency Yourself, Right?!
We Want to Show You How to Build a Profitable Chatbot Agency in the next 90 days, and MANYCHAT is Helping!
Hi, I'm Mary Kathryn Johnson, CEO & Founder of Messenger Funnels, and I brought 3 of my good friends together to create a mastermind showing you how we built and continue to scale our chatbot agencies.

Mackensie Liberman of Orca Marketology, Nick Julia of Mind Heros, Stephen Bradeen of On Spot Automations, and I are getting together for the first time to share our collective secrets with you.

And, this community mastermind is supported by our good friends at ManyChat, who are providing some pretty cool stuff to our participants.

Mackensie, Nick, Stephen and I combined have over 3 decades of experience growing our business success through many mistakes, trials, errors, bot blow-ups and FB melt-downs to get where we are.

We didn't have previous chatbot agency owners to teach us how to build our businesses. And, we didn't have the ManyChat Agency Partner or Messenger Marketing Expert Badge to bring us credibility, either.

We kept building bots and getting clients until we created the successes that allowed us to speak on stages like Conversations Conference, Social Media Marketing World, Business of Bots and Affiliate Summit West, in addition to leading communities like Andrew Warner's Bot Academy.
Not all of our bots, systems and tools have been successful, but over time we have learned to:
  • Make a PROACTIVE start to our day instead of waking up and immediately putting out fires for clients
  • Have confidence in our EXPERT bot building skills and know how to charge what we are worth 
  • Keep attracting the clients we LOVE working with because we get them results
  • SCALE our agencies by repeating what works, and hiring good help
What if you got at least ONE more client paying you professional fees to build a bot in the next 90 days, AND all the systems to easily grow your Agency CONSISTENTLY?!
  • What if we told you there was a PROVEN way to find ideal clients, and get them to say YES to your services?
  • What if you had access to FOUR successful Agency owners and their secret weapons to show you how?
  • ​What if the ManyChat Agency team supported this mastermind community to take action and get retainer clients over the next 90 days, AND YOU CREATED THAT SUCCESS, TOO?
 There are over 500,000 active ManyChat accounts* 
 Only 8,000 of those are Agency accounts*
With 1,800 ManyChat Agency Partner Badges*
*data provided by ManyChat
Our MISSION is to grow this expert ManyChat Agency group
and help you create SUCCESS!
Your Trainers Have These Certifications, and the Expertise to Help You Get Them, Too!
YOUR 90 Day Mastermind INCLUDES:
• Live Trainings Weekly Q&A CallsTemplates • 
 • Accountability Private Community Access • 
  • LIVE Trainings and Access to Successful ManyChat Agency Partners to Help Grow Your Agency: Live trainings with Mackensie Liberman, Nick Julia, Stephen Bradeen & MKJ, accountability, case studies, real client examples, action guides and private community access. 
  Month 1: Finding Clients and Selling 
  Month 2: Building Bots & Managing Projects
  Month 3: Hiring Help & Scaling
  • BONUS 1: Top Performing Templates  
  • BONUS 2: Facebook TOS Training 
  • ​BONUS 3: Email/Message Outreach Template
  • ​BONUS 4: FB Ads for Agencies Template & Checklist
  • ​BONUS 5: Discovery Call Template & Checklist
  • ​BONUS 7: Pricing & Project Management Templates
Getting Clients & Selling
Have you often wondered, “Where do I find clients who will pay me to build bots?” 

Or, do you have a few clients, and need a system to get more while you fulfill current projects? 

Have you tried FB Ads for your Agency, but don't get the qualified leads you need, causing you to waste valuable time and money on un-productive discovery calls?

Are your discovery calls exciting bot demos for you, and confusing, boring technical jargon for your prospect, leaving the their eyes wide, like a deer in the headlights, paralyzed and not able to take action?
Month 1 Live Call Agenda
Conduct Sales Calls & Build Bots
We all love building bots, but are struggling with the discovery & sales calls.

Do you find yourself deep in the lead gen and bot build for a client, and when you finish, you look up to find you need to start lead generation for yourself all over again?

Are you struggling to conduct a clear, confident discovery and sales call, because you don't know what to ask, and how to confidently ask for the money? 
How will you feel knowing exactly how much profit each project will produce BEFORE you deliver any proposal to a prospective client?

Are you ready to save time and money, because within 90 days you you have all your systems set up and ready for your next project?

You will discover how to:
  • Fulfill Projects While Continuing Lead Generation For Your Agency
  • Manage Client Expectations and Communication From a Place of Respect and Expertise
  • Set Up and Use Effective Project Management Tools and Systems
  • ​Expedite and Maximize the Value of Your ManyChat Badges
Hiring & Scaling
Are you a SuperHero Solo-Entrepreneur Bot Builder who can't hire help, because no one knows bots like you do?

Are you getting tired of living month-to-month, hoping you get a new client, so you can grow your agency, but dreading getting a new client, because you're already strapped for time?

Do you start over with every new client, building a custom solution, because you haven't figured out how to templatize your bot builds and serve a hot bot niche?
  • Decide What to Keep Doing In Your Business, and What to Pass Off to Someone Who Can do That Better Than You Ever Could!
  • Steer Your Business Rocket Ship, Instead of Being It's Mechanic - In Other Words, Work ON Your Business, and Not IN It!
  • Determine What Bots You LOVE to Build, and Are Very Good At Building, So You Can Templatize and Productize Your Service
  • ​Gain The Confidence You Need to Persevere and Be A Resilient Agency Owner When Things Go Wrong....Which They ALWAYS Do!
Let Us Give Your Roadster Rocket Ship the Pit Crew & Boosters it Needs to Win Chatbot Agency Success!
Top Performing Templates
We all LOVE Templates that work, right?! Well, we've got the goods....
    ● Appointment Scheduling Bot that demonstrates VALUE instantly for prospects during discovery calls 
    ● Webinar templates that get higher attendance & conversions
    ● Segmentation and Application templates to qualify leads in your bot
Facebook TOS Training
One of the most difficult and confusing things about Messenger Marketing is FB TOS, and we will help you understand once and for all....
      ● The 24+1 Rule
      ● Subscription Messaging
      ● Non-Promotional Tags
      ● What could get your bot shut down
      ● How to invite people to reject you, while making money from a smaller list of subscribers!

Email/Message Outreach Template
Struggle no more with what to say for cold outreach....
      ● Introductory email templates
      ● Follow up emails
      ● Introductory Chat/Messaging Templates
      ● What NOT to say in a cold introductory message
 BONUS 4: FB Ads for Agencies Template and Checklist 
  • Get the step-by-step checklist for creating high-converting FB Ads to market your own agency
  • Fast-track your knowledge of how to use FB ads to grow your business
 BONUS 5: Discovery Call Template and Checklist
  • Gain the confidence to know what to ask and when to tell prospects about bots
  • Know how to communicate your worth so you never again haggle over price
  • ​COOL MANYCHAT SWAG!!!!!  😎 
 BONUS 7: Pricing and Project Management Templates
  • Our simple, easy pricing template ensures your profits come first and protected against hidden expenses 
  • Eliminate scope creep by managing projects effectively with these PM-designed templates
Meet Your Trainer
Webinar & Bot Copy Guru
Founder & CEO
Meet Your Agency Success Trainer
Nicknamed #ChatBotMom, as an Author, Entrepreneur and Speaker, Mary Kathryn Johnson has created online success since 2003, and she is now using her 16 years of roller coaster business success to help clients, bot builders and chatbot agency owners disrupt the hold low-converting marketing funnels have on their businesses. 

She is your personal chatbot conversion catalyst, and speaks on stages and podcasts like SMMW, ConversationsConference, Business of Bots, Affiliate Summit West, Perpetual Traffic & SMExaminer!
Meet Your Trainer
eComm Guru
Co-Founder Mind Heros
Meet Your Agency Success Trainer
Nick helps ecommerce merchants grow revenue with a simple formula. Human connection + conversational automation = explosive growth for ecommerce.

Nick is also one of the trusted trainers in Andrew Warner's Bot Academy community, and regularly leads trainings and discussions with Bot Academy students and alumni. He co-owns Chat Blender with Andrew Warner and Stephen Bradeen.
Meet Your Trainer
Diversification & Mindset Guru
Founder On Spot Automations
Meet Your Agency Success Trainer
Stephen literally quit his job in film to start his first ever business as a bot agency. Fast forward 2 years and he tripled his income, works from home, leads the Bot Academy as their coach, runs On Spot Automations and co-owns Chat Blender with Andrew Warner and Nick Julia.
He is as familiar as anyone with the mindset hurdles, strategies, systematic impediments and requirements for success starting from scratch. He specializes in using bots to teach, build trust, qualify leads and generate revenue for businesses. (And, just having the most fun along the way!)
Meet Your Trainer
Local Biz & FB Ads Guru
CEO Orca Marketology
Meet Your Agency Success Trainer
Mackensie Liberman is the Founder and CEO of Orca Marketology, a chatbot marketing agency focused on getting businesses leads, sales, and raving fans through Facebook Ads and Messenger Bots.

Mackensie is one of the top experts in the field of Messenger Bots utilizing the ManyChat platform and has worked with a wide range of clients in a variety of niches. She has also been featured on the Perpetual Traffic podcast, and spoken on numerous stages, including Digital Marketers WarRoom Mastermind and Conversations Conference.
Get the course correction you need to get clients NOW!

Get the Return on your Time that fast-tracks the client & bot building sides of your agency!

Get the exact systems and tactics used by all four mastermind agency success trainers!

Where will your Life & Agency be in 3 months 
when you join us?
Money Back Guarantee!
If you do not get at least one client after performing ALL the following Mastermind actions, we will refund your entire investment!
  • Attend all 3 half-day live trainings
  • Provide at least 100 outreach emails/messages sent during the 90 day training
  • Attend all 3 live Q&A calls in FB Group
  • Provide video recordings of at least 20 discovery calls conducted during the 90 day training
  • ​Complete and provide all 12 action guides
  • ​Provide all FB Ads and corresponding targeting & data published during the 90 day training
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